Loot Pirates: Rules

Rules for playing Loot Pirates, Loot Pirates: Deluxe, and the Loot Pirates: Ships Crew expansion.

3-8 Players Ages 14+

Video Explanation:

The Player with the most doubloons at the end of the game wins and becomes Captain for the next game!

Give each player one gun, one cup, 2 dice (1 red dice and 1 black dice), and 4 doubloons.
Players place the 4 doubloons in front of them as their initial starting share of the Booty.

Booty: Dump the coins and gems into the center of the table as the remaining Loot to be divvied up.
Each silver piece is worth 1 doubloon, each golden colored piece is worth 2 doubloons, and each diamond is worth 5 doubloons.
For games with less than 8 players, remove a handful of the coins from the center. The game comes with enough doubloons for 8 - 10 players and some coins should be removed from play when there are less players or to make for a shorter game length.

Reserve: Make sure to keep out 15 doubloons worth of coins and set them aside. This is the Reserve and may come into play in the last round of the game.

Captain: Choose one player to be Captain, either the one who owns the game or the one who looks most like a pirate (or via some other method of your choice).

The game consists of a number of rounds where each player strives to earn a share of the Booty for that round and not get shot.
The game continues until the pile of Booty in the center of the table has been completely depleted and shared amongst the players.

Each Round:
Each round, the players shall put both their dice in their cup and roll them while saying "Arrr!".
Each player peeks at their own dice but generally the dice are hidden from the other players.
The Red dice is the attack dice, and the Black dice is the players defense dice. Higher numbers are best.

After peeking at their dice rolls, each pirate cocks their gun and raises it upright at their shoulder.
Wise pirates look at the other players gold piles in order to better determine who to target this round.
It is best to shoot at the most wealthy pirates. There is little profit to be had by shooting at a broke player.

The Captain calls out 'Ready! Set! Aim!' and on 'Aim' each pirate simultaneously points his gun at another player (be sure not to aim at their head for safety reasons).
After aiming, players may not change targets this round and any delay in aiming may be considered cheating.

Next, players may negotiate with each other in attempts to not get shot.
Perhaps they give another player a doubloon to refrain from firing, or perhaps they both agree not to shoot each other.
But beware, each player is a Pirate and may renege on their word after they have been paid. Pirates are not to be fully trusted.

After the Captain determines all negotiations are complete that round he calls out 'Ready! Set! Fire!'.

On the word 'Fire' each pirate must instantly perform one of 3 actions:

A: Drop: The pirate can drop his gun and raise his empty hands up. He has turned yellow and ran away this round.
Any other pirates who had been aimed at him do not get a chance to shoot him and take his gold.
The pirate is safe and his gold shall not get reduced by being shot.
Pirates should not choose Drop if no one is aimed at them. Dropping is only useful in protecting oneself from getting shot.
Any pirate who turns yellow and drops his gun does not get a share of the booty this round.

B: Raise: The pirate can raise his gun to his shoulder and point it at the sky.
Pirates choose this option when they have been paid off by their target and are honorable in agreeing not to shoot him.
They can still be shot at by other players, but do not shoot at their target and instead hold their fire.
If they are not successfully shot by another player they can share in this rounds Booty share.

C: Shoot: The pirate can shoot his gun at his target.
If his target did not turn yellow and run by dropping his gun, then the attacking pirate compares his red attack dice against his targets black defense dice.
If his red attack dice is higher than the defenders black defense dice, then the pirate has successfully shot his target and the target must pay the attacker 2 doubloons. Ties go to the defender.
Note: If a target has more than 1 gun that is fired at him in a round, his defense value goes down by 1 for each additional player shooting at him. Therefore if two players are each firing at the same target, that targets defense is reduced by 1 against each attacker. If three players all shoot the same target the targets defense value is reduced by 2.
The target must pay each player who successfully shot him 2 doubloons apiece.
Any player who was successfully shot does not get to partake in this rounds sharing of the Booty.
Players who are shot are not out of the game and are back in action at the start of the next round.
If a player was missed by all his attackers, without turning yellow, he gains a share of this rounds Booty.
Players who choose to stick around and shoot are eligible to partake in this rounds Booty share, provided they did not get successfully shot by another player.

After determining who gets shot, who survives, and who runs away like a landlubber, any pirates who did not run away or get successfully shot put their fists in the middle of the table next to the pile of Booty.
To share the Booty, each surviving, brave pirate gets one doubloon for every pirate who turned yellow, or got successfully shot.
Therefore if two players dropped their guns, and one player got successfully shot this round, all of the remaining pirates would take 3 doubloons from the Booty each.
Note that there can be rounds where all the pirates are brave and all have excellent defense so no one got successfully shot, resulting in each pirate receiving 0 doubloons from the Booty that round.

If there are still doubloons left in the Booty in the middle of the table, then everyone is restored to normal, picks up their gun, and another Round is played, starting with each player rolling his dice and saying "Arrr!".

Play continues until there are no more coins left in the Booty to divvy up.

Note: In the last round of play, there may not be enough doubloons in the Booty for each surviving pirate to receive their full share. In that case, additional doubloons are supplied from the Reserve in order that each pirate gains their fair share.

Once the Booty has been fully divvied up, each pirate counts up their doubloons and announces their total.

The player with the highest total becomes the Winner and the Captain for the next game!

Round Summary
Rules Summary

Optional Rules
D6 Starting Gold Variant
Instead of each player starting with 4 doubloons, every player rolls a D6 and starts with that amount of doubloons.
This variant allows for a more interesting start at the cost of perfect balance.
Drunken Loot Pirates
It is not recommended that you play Drunken Loot Pirates, as we cannot condone drinking.
In Drunken Loot Pirates each player starts with their beverage of choice next to them.
Each time they are successfully shot or drop their gun and turn yellow, they take a drink.

A pirates effective defense can drop below 1, if many players are all shooting them at the same time.
In cases where there is a tie for game winner, all winning players can be declared to have won.
Optionally, they can fight it out, with each winner rolling their dice and attempting to shoot the other.
In this case, no doubloons change hands and the first player to get successfully shot, or turn yellow loses.

Players are encouraged to negotiate with each other. Perhaps they pay 1 or 2 doubloons to another pirate in order to get their word that they wont shoot them. Alternatively they might offer to show their dice for a doubloon or other arrangements.
But remember, this is a pirate game. A pirate is not bound to keep his word after he has been paid. It is perfectly acceptable and in theme to take a players money and still shoot them. The level of honor each player maintains is up to them. Not all pirates are the Dread Pirate Roberts.

Any player caught cheating (changing their dice with their thumbs, or shifting or delaying their aim, etc.) shall forfeit 2 of their doubloons to the pot and be ineligible for the Booty share for that round.
Pirates may generally fail to keep their word, but we are not scurvy dogs who would resort to outright cheating.
If a player gets shot by multiple pirates but does not have enough doubloons to pay each one off, the pirate who attacked them with the highest attack dice gets his 2 doubloons first, before the other attacking pirates.
If the player who did not have enough money gets 2 doubloons from successfully shooting another player that round, he must give those proceeds to those who successfully attacked him, regardless of his attack value (a broke pirate cannot keep his 2 doubloons from killing another pirate when his attack value was lower than those who he has to pay off).
Each players current pile of loot is to be in plain sight to all other players and may not be hidden away.
An easy way to remember which dice is attack and which is defense is that the red dice represents the color of Blood and is the attack die.

Loot Pirates Copyright © Flex Dolphynn